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Simple but very effective Federation results system


Just a comment on the Mysoft Browser result system we used successfully from 2018 to 2022.

The system is internet based but no software is required on PC, tablet or phone. Club Secretaries or a nominated person uploads the Top 5, Top 10 or however many they wish and in real time it updates the current Federation result. Only the Club Secretary or nominated club person can upload a club result and they cannot see or edit any other club result in the Federation.


All members or anyone with the link can see the full Federation result BUT only the Federation Secretary can edit the result. It will automatically sort into Federation open and section (if applicable) positions, Club positions and even can have a search for member facility.

The key feature is the ability to have a provisional Federation result on the night of the race that members can view on phone, tablet or PC and takes some of the pressure off me as the Federation Secretary and can even be used as a notice board for members with liberation news, meeting dates etc.


All in all a great system that has worked well for our Federation now for 5 years and members have appreciated the faster results and it has created much more interest now results are generated so quickly. Gone are the days waiting until midweek to produce a Federation result.