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Customised software for the Racing Pigeon world

Built around you or your Club with Free Lifetime Support

Customised solutions
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The Mysoft Loft Racing Performance and Pedigree Software    £50 with free Lifetime support

Customised for your Pigeons and pedigree sheets designed to your exact specification

Benefits and Value to the User

Complete Loft Organiser    Breeding    Pairing   Progeny   Pedigree Sheets   Customised Sheet  Result Sheet   Race Entry sheets

Velocity Calculators   Arrival Time charts   Health Care   Vaccination Details    Individual pigeon performance

Loft Diary    History Charts   Chemist/Vet details    Club/Federation/National data  and the list goes on ....

Great value at £50 and as used by Major studs and individual fanciers with clear and simple to follow menus and now with a an Overview menu so you can quickly move between sections.