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Mysoft started its customised software business in 1987 to fill a gap in the Racing Pigeon software market, which is still the corner stone of the business today. Customised software simply means tailored exactly for each individual customer. So much software has features not used or too complex for users to understand and use to their advantage.


By asking the customer what he or she wants of the software, be it membership and results, accounts or racing performance and pedigree there is a better chance they will enjoy using the software with the added advantage the reports generated fit the required purpose.


Pigeon Clubs and individual fanciers the world over have the same basic needs and it normally only takes a few additional features or reports to personalise exactly for them. We do the same with race certificates, accounts, pools, points and averages ensuring most reports can be reduced to a simple click of the mouse.


As the internet continues to grow the opportunities increase every day and a web site is now possible from Club to National level as well as for the individual fancier. Good use of a web site allows members and visitors to extract the required information, download application forms, rules, and results which reduces the work load of the Secretary and eliminates unnecessary postage and telephone calls.


For individual fanciers their own web site can be as simple as a few pages or a more commercial one aimed at selling pigeons and recording the history and families of the loft.


Gone are the days when clubs or organisations had to rely on others to auction their pigeons or seek funds for their clubs. Personalised auction sites can quickly be set up to function much as Ebay with all the associated features to have a trouble free and successful auction.


Accounts and Balance Sheets can be linked into Membership and race results allowing instant access to the current financial position and making presentations to auditors and members much simpler and easier to understand.


Mysoft products and services work because they are customer focused and to back its claim their software and Full Support packages are used by many customers in the UK, Ireland and as far afield as Asia, South Africa, Australia and New Zealand.