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The Mysoft Loft covers every aspects of your Racing Pigeon world and more besides. You can use it for simple record keeping and Pedigree forms and/or a complete record of breeding, racing, health and management of your pigeons. Full features here


Current users comment on the extensive racing section that allows accurate evaluation of the pigeons over a season and this coupled with health records makes the Mysoft Loft a great tool for any serious fancier.


Pedigree forms can be customised to include your logo and of course photographs of your pigeons and with over 20 styles to select from you will always present your pigeons with a quality pedigree sheet.


“Simply the best investment I have made” is the comment of one user and “Simple and easy input and a good easy to follow menu system allows me to print excellent pedigree sheets to go with my young birds” is typical of the feedback from our customer base.


The Mysoft Loft is now updated and at a guaranteed fixed price of £50 with free lifetime support.

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The Mysoft Loft  (Racing and Pedigree System)