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Why use the Mysoft Loft Pedigree and Racing Records system?

In line with the Toolkit the same methods and forms are used in the Loft. This makes data input easy and the extensive menu allows a host of data to be quickly recovered, making it a pleasure to use. We are the only company to offer the following                  

Free Lifetime support and we are happy to customise exactly to your requirements.

The Loft contains 20 different styles of printed pedigree and a full range of reports and information sheets. Based on 25 years experience the Loft incorporates the best of our systems and is easy to use with an extensive help section for each form. As well as your Pigeon records it holds all health records and all your racing information and the storage is limitless as we have commercial lofts and individual fanciers and as you will read the feedback has been excellent.

Why settle for a system you have to fit around when the Mysoft Loft can be customised exactly to your required Pedigree form and additional reports can be added so you get the required information as required.

“A joy to use and the quality of printouts are excellent” and “with my racing records data I can select with confidence”

At £50 the best investment you can make for your pigeons.

The Mysoft Loft     -    customised Racing Performance and Pedigree system