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The Mysoft Loft

For many years we have supplied customised Pedigree systems to large commercial lofts and to individuals. We have available a comprehensive solution for new and experienced users for pedigree systems for modern pigeon breeding and racing.

The Mysoft Loft incorporates quality printouts with excellent record keeping and tracking of your pigeons in both breeding and racing and is designed for ease of use and the program is backed by our free lifetime support package.


The Mysoft Loft is a combination of quality printouts, simple record keeping and ease of use. Professional quality at an affordable price.... As good as any system on the market with the added advantage that we will customise the printouts for you if required.


In keeping with our policy this program is available for a one off fee of £50 and will be customised to your requirements.

*** New for 2016 *** a  new and extensive Racing Records section has been added to supplement the the Loft and it will be a valuable asset to any user in selection for racing and breeding.  Click here for program details


To order please contact us or Order now so we can customise the Pedigree sheets and meet your full requirements.


The Mysoft Loft   -   for all your Loft and Racing Management requirements

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