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Current Terms and Conditions updated 01/04/2023

All software supplied needs to be updated yearly in order to stay in sync with Current Windows and Office updates. We do not allow automatic updates via the internet for security reasons BUT are happy to update software provided it is returned to us before the end of February (ie prior to the new racing season). Users can either zip the software and attach to an email if your email system allows this or use a free service and attach unzipped such as www.wetransfer.com  or  www.mailbigfile.com

Software returned for updating could be subject to a service charge depending on the time and work involved and software returned after the end of February will be subject to a service charge, which we will quote at the time of the request.

VERY IMPORTANT ..... Toolkit and Loft software NOT returned to us as above for back up, checking and updating will not be supported unless they have a support package in place. Users can purchase support by contacting us here. If you wish to continue to use the software we will quote you a price for updating to the latest standards. This action is important as it ensures a trouble free operation of the software.

EQUALLY IMPORTANT ..... BACK UPS ... Users are fully responsible for back ups and we recommend this is done every week.

WE HOLD MASTER COPIES of all software but there will be a charge for supplying originals and we offer all customers a free back up service if they return the software to us for an additional back up.