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The Mysoft Toolkit Browser  — NEW for 2023 and now expanded

This system has been tried and tested and is one way of ensuring faster Federation/Combine results that require no software or associated website.

Typically the hard worked Federation/Combine Secretary has to wait on Club Secretaries supplying race results which he/she receives in many differing formats.The task of sorting these can prove a difficult and slow job and then there is the need to publish the result.

The Mysoft Toolkit Browser solves all these problems and produces an up to date result which all members can access in real time. It can even be used by individual clubs to list their Top positions and requires no software and only requires members to have internet access via their mobile phones, Tablet or PC.

The instant a Club Secretary updates a result the Federation/Combine result is re-sorted and this ensures members have a much faster access to results.  Federation example generated here

Read the comments of one Federation who have successfully used the Browser system this season here

We set the system up and give each organisation their internet links and security is covered as only Club Secretaries can upload their own results via a password controlled log on with only the Federation/Combine Secretary having full access to all pages. Members can only view the master results.

There are many other features but should your Federation/Combine/Club be interested please contact us here for further information.

The Mysoft Toolkit Browser - easy to use with faster results